Exchanges generally begin at the end August/beginning September or February/March each year.

If you are interested, please email  or  to ask for a pre-application form and further information.

When you return the completed pre-application form, we  will send you a full application pack which includes forms for the parents, the child and the child’s school to complete. Once these forms are submitted, we will look at them very carefully and start the application process.  We will book your family interview and reserve a place for your family at our next  meeting and email you a confirmation and the details for these. Please note that it takes approximately 6-12months to prepare for an exchange.

Once the meetings and interviews are completed, we start the matchings.  This is completed very thoroughly and carefully.  Confirmations of these are sent in June, just before the end of school so you have time to organise the arrival/departures for end August/beginning September, or in December before Christmas for a departure for February/March .