Who we are

We are a team of permanent staff, volunteers, parents and children who are motivated to serve families interested in experiencing an En Famille exchange.


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Fabienne BAUCHER :Responsible for the association and head of the team

Fabienne lives and works in Pontivy (center of Britanny). Her three children have each made two or three exchanges in Germany, Spain, USA and Mexico. Fabienne is bilingual: French-English.




Anne BAUCHER :Responsible for the French families

Anne lives near Auray in Britanny. Her four daughters have made several exchanges in Canada, USA and Germany. Anne is bilingual: French-English.



Stéphanie Le Coedic- format carré

Stephanie LE COEDIC :Responsible for the French families on an exchange with Spain

Stéphanie lives in Pontivy in France. Her daughter has made an exchange in Spain. Stéphanie speaks French, Spanish and English.



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Tabatha WEBBER :Responsible for exchange in Canada and USA

Tabatha lives in British Columbia. Her son and daughter have made an exchange in France and her son did a second exchange in Germany.



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Jamie ROSE :Responsible for exchange in Great Britain and Ireland

Jamie lives in Sussex. Her daughter had made an exchange in France.



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Margit STEINER : Responsible for exchanges in Germany

Margit lives near Bordeaux. She is quadrilingual: French-German-English-Spanish. Margit has worked nearly 20 years with En Famille.



Photo Marta Corazon

Marta CORAZON :Responsible for exchanges in Spain

Marta lives in Burgos in Spain.  Her son and daughter have made an exchange in France and her daughter did a second exchange in Great Britain. Marta is quadrilingual:  French-Spanish-German-English.



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Monica CARNEIRO: Responsible for exchanges in Mexico

Monica lives in San Miguel de Allende. She has two little girls. Born and raised in France, Monica has lived 12 years in New York City. She is quadrilingual: French-English-Portugese-Spanish.



En Famille is a non-profit association founded in 1978. Each year, the Annual General Meeting is on a Saturday in September. Active members elect a Board of Directors and choose officers from among its members.

Our association is registered in the Official Journal of the R.F.N) 236, page 8927, Record No. 4735. The Articles of the Association are available by clicking on this link. We are licensed as an Association of Youth and Popular Education, No. 33.495.93.010.

For Europe, we are also a member of the OFFICE.