Why we are different

En Famille is a unique organization:

  • Age: 9 – 16 Years Old> Our expertise is exchanging young children. We allow children as young as nine years old to participate. In fact, most of our exchanges are below the age of 14, although we will match through 16 years old. You can read here – History – that we began as an organization dedicated to 9-12 year olds. Why? 1) Language immersion is most successful at younger ages. 2) Contrary to what many people believe, younger children thrive on long-term exchanges. They become integrated into a new family quickly, and are less complicated than teenagers.


  • No Prior Language Necessary –> Even if you cannot speak one word of the language of the country you would like to go to, you are welcome to participate in an En Famille exchange. Jacques, En Famille’s founder, believed that having no knowledge of a language could be an advantage … no bad habits or accent to overcome.


  • True Language Immersion –> You may speak and be spoken to in your own language for the first week. Week two: you may speak English, but they must answer in the language you will learn. After that … complete immersion. You must agree to not read, write or speak English for the rest of the exchange. Exceptions being when you write letters home and when you speak with your family once a week. By truly being immersed in the language children on our exchanges become conversationally fluent in six months. Read more about this on Results.


  • Life Long Bonds Between Families –> Exchange children spend an entire year together, six months in each child’s home. This creates life-long bonds between the children and the families.


  • Follow-Up –> The En Famille Team follows exchanges throughout the year. We are available to help the two families for the entire year, managing difficulties, checking up on the children and easing communication issues. At around seven weeks and again a month before the exchange ends, we write Language and Exchange Evaluation Reports for families.