Language Results

We find that children can become conversationally fluent in six months when they adhere rigorously to our language immersion rules. Children speak their new language as similarly aged children, often with excellent pronunciation and intonation. It is not unusual for a child to want to do a second or third exchange, with approximately 25% of our alumni becoming trilingual or quadrilingual before 15 years old.

Cultural Results

At our New Family Meeting we tell interviewing children: « You must be willing to become French/German/Spanish! » It is a cornerstone of our program. You can expect your child’s European family to expect them to become a part of their family. And when you welcome, your new son or daughter will live the life of your family. An interesting — and often unexpected — truth about cultural results is that the younger the child, the quicker and  more naturally they imbue a second culture.

Human Results, the most important

The human results of these exchanges are fabulous! When two children of the same age, from two different countries, two different lifestyles, have spent a tenth of their life together, they often have a friendship for life. How lucky to have a second family, and what is more, in another country! And don’t forget that the two families are fully involved in the exchange. Families will often visit each other, spend a vacation together, truly get to know the country and culture of the other.  How unexpected and gratifying it is when a stranger, a foreigner, becomes family.

Rhys in France after 2 weeks