Letter for child

Dear Child/Teenager,

If you are between 9 and 16 years old and interested in living abroad for six months, and in welcoming a sister/brother into your home for six months,  this letter is for you. En Famille exchanges are language immersion, you do not need to know the language of the country you will travel to, you can learn it while you live there.

En Famille has been arranging language immersion exchanges for more than 40 years. We send young children and teenagers to another country to learn a new language and to become part of another family.

Are you willing to welcome a new sister/brother into your home for six months? You will spend an entire year with your sister/brother, six months in each other’s home.

You can learn more about us on our Facebook page or YouTube channel.

When you return from your exchange you will be conversationally bilingual. How can this be true? Our program is “total language immersion.” That means that after the first week in the country, you will not hear or speak your mother tongue, except on your weekly phone calls to your parents.

We ask that you become completely immersed not only in the language, but in the culture and community of your new country. We call this “two feet in one country” and in our years of experience it is the best way to not only become fluent, but to have a truly enjoyable experience. When you leave behind your old world for six months, you are so much more able to embrace the new life, language and culture. Email your country executive and ask her to explain the why and  how of “two feet in one country.”

Attending one of our bi-yearly New Family Meetings is a good way for you and your parents to find out more about En Famille. We host these meetings twice a year, spring and fall. See the NEWS link for your country to see when the next meeting will be held.

Do you think you might be interested in our program? The first step is to read this website and talk to your parents. Then, if you want to be considered for an exchange, contact your country executive to begin the Application process. You can find your country executive under your country’s tab, Who We Are or Contact Us.

In our Application process we ask about your family life and many other things, to help us know you as well as possible. We want to know about your parents, brothers and sisters, and grandparents. We will ask about your friends, pets, games, sports, activities, etc. We will also be in contact with your school. Your partner does not have to go to the same school as you when they are living with you and it is better if you are not in the same class.  Homeschoolers are welcome.

Grades are not as important to us as attitude and behavior. We are looking for well-behaved children who will try hard and who want to learn to speak another language and live in another country for six months. We are looking for children who will be happy when they are abroad, and also children who can make their exchange family happy.

The application process includes: application, submission of photos, reference checks, house-visit, family interview, New Family Meeting attendance.

We will do our best to match you with a child who lives in the country where you would like to go. Or, if we think that the En Famille program is not for you, we will tell you.  If we are able to match you, we will send you your partner’s Application with photos, and we will send your Application to your partner. Your partner will not be more than a year younger or older than you.

Our job is not done when the matching process is complete … we follow all exchanges for the exchange year, speaking and emailing with families regularly, performing two language evaluations, helping and supporting the children and families from the time the match is made through the completion of the exchange year.

When you go, you will discover that life can be very different but equally interesting in another country. You will grow as a person because you must struggle to make a new life in a new environment. En Famille is a remarkably maturing experience. After your six months abroad you will be more tolerant and more open-minded.  You will discover the fun of learning to understand and speak a new language.

Read on … and let us know if you are interested in applying.

We look forward to hearing from you,

En Famille Team