Who should apply?

If you are interested in being bilingual and are between 9 and 16 years old, you may be eligible to participate in an En Famille exchange. Read on.

You should be excited by the prospect of both 1) living abroad in a language immersion program for six months and 2) in welcoming a sister/brother into your home for six months. 

It is not necessary for you to speak the language of your exchange country. Many of the children who participate on our exchange arrive in their new country without being able to say more than a few words or phrases. This is unusual for an exchange organization and is one of the cornerstones of our History.

Grades are not as important to us as attitude and behavior. We are looking for well-behaved children who will try hard.

We are not looking for perfect children or perfect families. We are looking for LOVING families and well-behaved children.

Homeschoolers are welcome.

We are looking for children who will be happy when they are abroad, and also children who can make their exchange family happy.

Only those who feel they can respect our rules should apply. 

Language Immersion: You may speak and be spoken to in your own language for the first week. Week two: you may speak English, but they must answer in the language you will learn. After that … complete immersion. You must agree to not read, write or speak English for the rest of the exchange. Exceptions being when you write letters home and when you speak with your family once a week. By truly being immersed in the language children on our exchanges become conversationally fluent in six months. Read more about this on Results.

Integration into the family you join: We expect children on our exchanges to become part of the family they live with. They cannot have one foot in each country. In order for this to happen children must agree to not facebook/ text/ chat/ email, etc. with friends and family from home while you are in the other country. This is an important piece of how to be successful on your exchange. To truly become integrated in the other family, in the new country and community … you must be willing to leave your old life behind for those six months. Of course, you will be speaking to your family once a week and you can write and receive two letters a week.

Respect yourself
• No smoking.
• No drinking alcohol.
• Do nothing that could hurt your body or your soul.
• Be happy because life is interesting.

Respect others
• Respect your own parents and your European parents.
• Respect your brothers and sisters in both countries.
• Respect your teachers in both countries.
• Respect the students in your class and in your school.