En Famille International is officially recognised by L’OFFICE, the National Office for the Guarantee of Linguistic and Educational stays – a benchmark French Organisation which is supported by the French Ministry of Youth.

As an affiliated member, we are committed to applying high standards to all aspects of our exchange programme through the “Contrat Qualité” and our work has been recognized according to quality assurance criteria for the reception of children in French and foreign families. Our process and systems of research, selection, preparation and follow-up of families assure you a guarantee of quality. Thus, when selecting families, we set up a visit from a "local representative.".

This is a family with whom we have carried out one or more exchanges. This family is entitled to visit you so that we can know the environment in which we are going to place a foreign child.
The process is the same in other countries.

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Françoise Dirou
Françoise Dirou
Travels broaden the mind
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As a mother of four children who have all participated in exchanges with En Famille International, I have always believed that traveling shapes youth by broadening the horizons of our world. For my children, family exchanges have not only been a means of personal development and enrichment but have also influenced their future lives. They have acquired the ability to better understand cultural differences, to show tolerance and patience, to acquire self-confidence and to adapt to all kind of circumstances.
I like to travel, discover and meet people. Music is an integral part of my daily life. I have been playing the piano since I was young, and I also like to sing and dance. For my physical and mental well-being, I practice, in an assiduous and joyful way, water walking (a sport common in the North of France) and Nordic walking.
I love the unexpected and unforeseen, the “last minute” and the emergency. I like to live based on the motto “Carpe Diem”! For me, communication is a vital need. Companionship is a great fit for me!
For my friends, my house is the house of happiness. For me, if you smile at life, life will smile back at you...

Anne Geeraerts
Anne Geeraerts
Contact for French families
Always with a smile
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After a two-year trip to South America and Asia, I put down my backpack and started my family. I passed on my taste for adventure to my four children. My eldest children have benefited from En Famille exchanges with England, Germany, Spain and California. They tell me that beyond the fluency in the foreign language, the exchange gave them an open mind, strength and self-confidence.They are still benefiting from it in their studies and in their adult lives.
In my spare time I enjoy horse riding, swimming, reading, and spending time with family and friends. My favourite sweet temptation? Dark chocolate!
Through En Famille Internationale, I seek to bring young people together to discover new horizons and to be enriched by cultural diversity. I want families to thrive on differences and for long lasting friendships to blossom between families across borders.

Discovering the beauty of the world and the difference of values such as respect, discovery

Vivienne Hurley
Vivienne Hurley
Contact for families and exchanges in the USA, Canada and Great Britain
Never be afraid to try something new because life gets boring when you stay within the limits of what you already know
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I feel that this mantra is me! I'm open minded, love living in the moment, enjoy meeting new people, trying new activities, exploring new places and generally experimenting with life in ways which take me out of my comfort zone, often, in order to grow and feel alive. There's never a dull moment.

I love being immersed in a nail biting film, a page turning read, a nutty bar of chocolate, a French baguette or a traditional Cornish pasty but my real passion lies in International travel. I recently moved with my family from the UK to Rossland in BC Canada, a wonderful community with an eclectic mix of people who have also orchestrated their lives to live at the base of a ski hill with a mountain playground on their doorstep.

I feel like I've really made the most of my day when I've done something outdoors and enjoy filling my time snowboarding, hiking, paddle boarding, camping, walking the dog and mountain biking. I believe that you can only truly experience a different culture by living in it, like a local! That's what's so great about the EFI exchange programme and being part of it has enriched my whole family in so many ways.

I will definitely look back on life and say “I can’t believe I did that”
but I'll never be in the position to say “I wish I did that" which makes me happy because the biggest winners in life are always the ones with the biggest smiles and, my one is huge.

Felipe Rodriguez
Felipe Rodriguez
Contact for Spanish families and exchanges
Are stars set alight in heaven so that one day each one of us may find his own again? Antoine de Saint Exupéry. The Little Prince
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I like to walk in the soft rain, to smell the wet earth, to look at the stars, to imagine and to dream. I like to travel the world, to be one more wherever I go. I like to sing, I like a good book that makes me fly, and I like to enjoy. I am lucky enough to be a teacher, so I will never stop learning from everything and everyone. Along the way, life gave me a companion, and we continue our journey together, dreaming, living, loving. We have three children to whom we will leave as an inheritance the experiences, adventures and knowledge that we have been able to give them. “En Famille” helped us, lent us its wings, they flew, and new children came, with other languages and other names, but who have stayed forever in our hearts.
Our children were never the same again, they were better, they are now citizens of a country called the World.

Svenja Jeschonnek
Svenja Jeschonnek
Contact for German families and exchanges
With every new language, the view of the world changes
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I have loved the French language and culture since my own exchange with En Famille in 2008, and to this day it remains one of the most valuable experiences I have had. I live in a mountainous region of Lower Saxony, near Hameln, and enjoy the countryside for extensive road bike rides and walks with my dog.
Empathy, composure and open-mindedness are particularly important to me in coordinating and accompanying the exchanges. Thanks to my training and previous professional activity as a speech-language pathologist, I also bring with me both pedagogical and language know-how.

Sabine Guhse
Sabine Guhse
Contact for the reception of German families
Happiness is a positive attitude
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I love people and especially, of course, my family (my husband and my two grown-up daughters), which has grown a lot thanks to six exchanges with En Famille and several years as a foster family.
Cross-cultural encounters and a wide variety of social contacts make my life exciting.
I live in the far north of Germany, in Schleswig-Holstein, and I love the sea and nature. I am always open to new things and I am a very patient and spontaneous person.

Contact for CANADA, USA, UK and IRELAND

Do not hesitate to contact us. If you plan an exchange, it is time to prepare it, as it takes time to think about it and be prepared.

Vivienne HURLEY

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