Our story

EFI's Timeline: Our greatest milestones, at a glance

1978: We celebrate our first exchange! The children are French and English, both 8 years old.

1980: En Famille (’With Family’) is the name proposed by the founder of the association, then 12 years later, the name becomes En Famille International (‘With an International Family’)

1986: Our first exchange with Ireland!

1989: Our first exchange with Germany!

1991: We start proposing exchanges for teens, aged 12 and 13, at colleges and secondary schools.

1997: Our first exchange with the USA!

2006: We launch our Canadian Division!

2007: We launch our Spanish Division!

2014: We launch our Mexican Division!


2022: Our first short exchanges with USA (summer program)


To this date we’ve enriched the lives of more than 3500 children with International exchanges! With the commitment of the team of volunteers at the head of the association, we continue to share the EFI philosophy with families and young people, spreading cultural awareness and linguistic growth across the world.