Discover Spain!

Discover a different way of life:

Spanish life is not just about the beach, the sun, and flamenco! Immersing in a Spanish family, you will discover a way of life that is very different from other countries.

School often starts quite early but ends quite early in the afternoon. Mealtimes are also very different! Lunch is usually served around 3pm.and dinner from 10 pm.. In between, you will have done a lot of things: school work, sports and extra-curricular activities ...

Weekends and holidays are an opportunity to get together with family, often with large family meals. Spaniards love social life and café culture!

Learn Spanish!

You will learn Spanish by being totally immersed in the life of your Spanish family and school. The most difficult thing to accomplish in a Spanish exchange is good pronunciation – to pick up the right intonation and press on the syllables in a way to make yourself understood. If you put in the effort, you will pick it up and in just six months learn how to express yourself, just like a local!

The Spanish culture

Spain has a very rich culture which its citizens value highly, from history and architecture to literature and cinema. Spain is a country of very rare diversity in Europe and comprises several regions. Between Barcelona and Madrid, there is a cultural gap that exists to encompass autonomous communities such as Andalusia and Cantabria. It's hard to get bored! Spain is known for its quality of life and its gastronomy. But also, most importantly, you will learn the Spanish way of life. Nothing beats immersing yourself in a family who will introduce you to Spain and its fascinating culture.