Discover Germany!

Experience a different way of life:

There are many reasons to enjoy an exchange in Germany, Austria and Switzerland: Here are just a few!
School ends early enough for you to have time to meet up with friends and students often travel independently to school by bike, or on foot.

German parents place a great level of trust in their children so you may find you have more Autonomy, freedom and independence to move around the city, and travel from your village into city, thanks to the country’s network of cycle paths.

Generally speaking, Germany is a great country to live in and Germans often attach particular importance to finding balance with their family life, their children and their work.

Why Speak German?

Over a hundred million people speak German in Europe.
Around 22% of pupils learn German as a foreign language in the European Union.
Mastering another foreign language (than English or Spanish) demonstrates your openness to the world and your skills.

German is not a particularly difficult language to learn. Its pronunciation is even extremely simple, because it is phonetic: you just have to read a word to know how it is pronounced. The grammar is very logical and has very few exceptions.

German is a beautiful language, which has given rise to a great tradition of literature, music and poetry.

German Culture :

What could be better than living with a family that will enable you to discover the riches of their country? From literature and history to art and architecture! Many German cities are full of architectural treasures, classified as World Heritage by Unesco.