Why do an exchange ?

What are the benefits of doing an exchange?

A friendship for life

Two children of the same age, from different countries, with different lifestyles, will have spent one tenth of their lives together. A friendship for life. How fortunate to have a second family at 10 years old (or more) and what's more, in another country! We must not forget the two families who are fully involved in this exchange. They will visit each other, spend holidays together, get to know each other's country. The foreigner becomes the family. Often children and families stay in touch for life!

Discovering a culture

A life of total immersion thanks to living in an exchange family!
The children spend a year together, 6 months in each other's country in turn. In this way, the children blend in easily by going to school, taking part in various activities, and living their daily lives like their exchange brother or sister. They will learn the customs of their new country, their new family and will thus become immersed in a second culture.
Many children ask to go on exchange to another country as soon as they return!

Learning a new language

We think we can claim that the children come back almost bilingual (spoken language), at least after the 6-month programme. The results are excellent. The children speak their new language like local children their own age. Some children come back with excellent pronunciation and intonation.