Weekends "New Families"

What are our New Family Weekends?

Once we have received your full registration file, we will send you an acknowledgement and conduct a review of your child's file. If your file is successful, we will contact you by phone to schedule an appointment for an interview. In Europe this takes place during one of our family weekends and in our English-speaking countries takes place via zoom, in person or at an information event.

These events take place in the spring and fall, every year and are mandatory. The presence of all family members is necessary.

They give you an opportunity to meet us, and enable us to get to know your family and your child better. We believe that a file is not enough to know you well enough. In addition, these events allow you to better understand how our exchanges work, to raise questions, doubts, to meet other families who have lived this crazy adventure of exchange and especially to meet children who have flourished through the exchanges!