Over 45 years’ experience

More than 45 years of experience

En Famille International is a unique organization!

Exchange children: 8 - 15 Years

Our expertise is in the organization of exchanges for young children and young teenagers. In our experience, the younger the child, the better the adventure!

  1. Language immersion is most effective in younger people.
  2. Contrary to what many people believe, young children develop and flourish on long-term exchanges. They integrate into a new family quickly, are less complicated and accept the rules of the foreign family much more easily than teenagers. That being said, we also make very good exchanges, with motivated and courageous teenagers who have a taste for adventure and a willingness to put in the effort.

A true linguistic immersion thanks to strict rules!

Most of our children in exchange do not speak the language of their country of exchange at all. After the first week in the country, we ask that all access to their own language be eliminated (books, digital applications, etc.). The children will experience a real immersion by living in their exchange family. They're going to be part of the family, just like their exchange siblings. They will have the same rights and duties. Thanks to this immersion (family, country, language), children are able to hold a routine conversation after six months. Learn more about this on our results page.

We have put in place rules that seem strict in order to allow children to live their immersive adventure. Take it from us. They work! Our families tell us how these rules have allowed them to manage their exchange and enabled their children to learn a new language.

Life-changing ties between two families

The children in exchange spend a whole year together! Six months in each child's house. This actually creates life-connecting relationships between children and families. The children will get into the habit of seeing each other again after the exchange, during the holidays. Families will also enjoy meeting each other, between "parents" of the same "children."