The human touch!

En Famille International is a small organisation which has an incredible global reach.

It’s run by a team of professionals comprising parents whose own children have completed numerous exchanges with EFI. Together we organise 6-month exchanges in Spain, Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, Canada and USA . The two children in exchange spend one year together, six months in each child's home. For older children, we offer variable durations depending on each case.

The rules of our exchange are based on a total linguistic immersion which results in incredible verbal fluidity.
However, it is important to remember that En Famille International offers a second loving family, beyond mastering a foreign language. At the end of the exchange year, the children and families have forged very strong friendships.
We also make the choice of quality before quantity. Our credo is to be close to our families in order to form one large international family that is En Famille International!

Our team works in the different countries according to the same requirements in the choice of the families and in the follow-up of the exchanges.